Amex Music

More than a prestigious card, customers know American Express for their access to curated events, content and music. The Unstaged program had scored big results and featured headline names like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and others. Originally just a series of individual concerts and films; thousands show up for these events, but what if fans could attend live events online?

A cutting-edge interactive live stream concert event platform featuring international recording artists and filmmakers.

We looked closely at user needs and created a live hub for content from artists currently defining music culture. Names like Spike Lee, Pharrell Williams and David Lynch. The primary content is videos helping fans get an up close and personal look into the artists’ lives.

The series delivered extraordinary shows held at incredible venues, partnering influential filmmakers with the music industry’s most talented and creative artists. In addition to directing these live performances, the filmmakers would go beyond the music to capture the artists behind the scenes. 

We really focus on making sure people who are not here to see the show first-hand can share every part of the live experience

-Walter Frye, VP of Sponsorships for American Express.

Integration with the mobile app
Mobile grids
Content modules
Interaction design storyboards
Interaction design treatments

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