Samsung Centerstage

Samsung CenterStage is life-size interactive showcase display for home appliances. Our task was to build an immersive shopping experience for hundreds of products. Shoppers can play with the appliances, change color and show them in different environments. When you go to Home Depot or Best Buy looking for a fridge, you expect to look at the real thing. Touch it. Play with it. See if it fits with your ethos.

The problem is today’s retail environment is shifting dramatically. Limited physical locations make it difficult to house hundreds of home appliances and detail the many features available. Centerstage solves that by providing 1-to-1 scale in-situ appliances with interactive video showcasing each and every feature.

I was part of 20-person design team working with development. I helped design the interface and infographic icon language for the screens throughout the experience.

The result was a six-by-eleven foot wall with eight high-def displays and one 85 inch touchscreen showcasing a range of Samsung products in their actual size.The retail display was built using the open-source software Cinder, which won the first Cannes Grand Prix for innovation. This project won awards from Cannes, One Club and many others.

User input interactive sketches
Infographic and icon design
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