Hi, I’m Gavin Wassung

I believe we can build smarter organizations by focussing on people and putting them first. People like you. You could be anywhere else on the interwebs. But, you’re here with me. So, let’s make this special.

Let me begin by telling you a story. When I was a child, I used to organize the snack shelf at grocery stores. I also used to steal gum. My parents, would take me back to the store and I’d apologize. Eventually, I would learn my lesson and instead, earn money doing extra chores around the house. Where did that lead me? I’d buy my own Big League Chew and share with friends at games. Subsequently, I fell in love with trips to gas station candy isles with friends, collecting and organizing baseball cards, and I even started drawing basketball shoes, jerseys and stadiums; the colors, labels, and experience of creating structure. Plus snacks are delicious.

Today, I like to think of myself as a candy isles organizer. I believe in the power of design to help businesses work in more effective ways, rethinking products and services and the way we interact through technology. At the center of every organization are hardworking people. Humans doing their job. And customers wanting to improve their lives with new products and services.

I’m currently building Person, a people-first design company, helping organizations solve big business problems, accelerate growth and establish competitive differentiation.

In the recent past, I was leading Experience Design at Co: Collective. I worked with IBM on their Cloud product and delivered powerful innovation workshops with IBM Watson. I’ve also taught design at Pratt Institute for 7 years and spoken at education and industry events including Parsons School of Design, Miami Ad School, and others.

Organizations are looking for the secret sauce that helps them speed up innovation and gives them the competitive differentiation they need to perform in the market. Internal teams are hampered by barriers, lack of permission, and red tape. And burn out is real. These are the problems that I get excited about. How do I help? Identifying opportunity areas, using diversity as an advantage, aligning on a future vision with a shared vocabulary, and launching new products and services to make growth for the business a reality.

Recently, I redesigned a smart city software application for a top-10 Fortune 500 company. I also created ideation tools and facilitated workshops for a $60m software startup in Brooklyn. Just last year, I helped develop the go-to-market strategy for IBM’s Enterprise Blockchain SaaS offering, launched ACLU’s new membership onboarding, and helped facilitate MetLife’s global design thinking workshop curriculum. Other notable projects include redesigning Samsung’s shopping cart, Samsung’s CenterStage, IBM Cloud design system, IBM Watson Value Framework, and Amex Music’s live event launch.

Want to say hello? Email me. I like getting messages. Or have a question? Book free time on my calendar. Or don’t. That’s okay too.

Bye for now!

Warm regards,