Amex Music

More than a prestigious card, customers know American Express for their access to curated events, content and music. The Unstaged program had scored big results and featured headline names like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and others. Originally just a series of individual concerts and films; thousands show up for these events, but what if fans could attend live events online?

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Samsung Centerstage

Samsung CenterStage is life-size interactive showcase display for home appliances. Our task was to build an immersive shopping experience for hundreds of products. Shoppers can play with the appliances, change color and show them in different environments. When you go to Home Depot or Best Buy looking for a fridge, you expect to look at the real thing. Touch it. Play with it. See if it fits with your ethos.

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MetLife Customer Experience

Risk management means something different around the world. In Asia, insurance is a critical care program. If you get very sick, you get a large sum payout. However, critical care is more than just the policy. It’s access to disease prevention expertise, connectedness to family and the ability to track your progress. The cancer care journey in Korea and China delivered regional experience principles that helped drive value beyond the policy.

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