Litify Design Thinking Tools

Litify wanted to reimagine their existing legal management product experience. Their goal? To empower team members to efficiently manage the lifecycle of their cases. They were in a position to take a close look at improving the product. But, they didn’t know how to move forward with their clients who were looking for speed and scale. Paralegals and lawyers using the product were finding it challenging to navigate. And it took too many clicks to get where they wanted to go.

We conducted interviews with clients and stakeholders throughout the US to understand the highs and lows of the current product. Using the data gathered, we prioritized two personas, and developed journey maps of the existing experience. We then crafted a powerful 2-day workshop to put these new tools to use and transform the product into something that works better for the lawyers and paralegals that use it every day.

The outcome? Within 6 months the product raised over $50m in new funding. The result was a new mindset and empowered clients from Seattle to NY to DC. The team felt engaged, with new permissions to reimagine the product and see their challenges turned into opportunities. The team of engineers were empowered by a connected and prioritized backlog with fresh thinking. On average we received an 8.8 score (this is VERY high) and over 40% gave the workshop a 10.

The phases of Litify design thinking for their Matters product.
Doing a card sort helped the team of lawyers, paralegals and engineers prioritize the backlog of tasks in the journey map.
The mini empathy journey worksheet helped identify some of the areas of pain in the journey.
Quotes from lawyers and engineers who attended.
Overall, the workshop received very good feedback from the experience.
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