MetLife Customer Experience

Risk management means something different around the world. In Asia, insurance is a critical care program. If you get very sick, you get a large sum payout. However, critical care is more than just the policy. It’s access to disease prevention expertise, connectedness to family and the ability to track your progress. The cancer care journey in Korea and China delivered regional experience principles that helped drive value beyond the policy.

  • Powerful tools and workshops curated for emerging markets
  • Innovative prototypes using bleeding-edge technology
  • Culture change using shared design vocabulary

For over a year, my relationship with Metlife was crafting exercises and tools that made innovation possible in emerging markets. Each market needed to believe for themselves that customer-centered innovation would be the catalyst for transformation inside a company that was seeing competition emerge from rule-breakers like Lemonade, Metromile and others.

We worked with MetLife’s Asia region to develop the strategy and design concepts for a customer experience solution around their critical illness products. We uncovered insights around the cancer care journey in Korea and China, leading to a set of regional experience principles. We then conducted an interdisciplinary experience design workshop to develop concepts, and built high fidelity prototypes of a digital experience to help customers access their preventative services and receive the best possible support if they get sick.

Other MetLife engagements

US Dental

Dental insurance has not changed substantially since its creation, over 40 years ago. As an industry leader, MetLife saw an opportunity to disrupt the industry by reinventing the oral health experience for group benefits employees.

We took a human-centered approach to solving the problem, using ethnographic research to not only construct the current customer journey with respect to dental insurance, but to expand the aperture to include overarching mindsets, attitudes, and experiences employees have with respect to oral health in general. 

We created experience concepts for several ideas coming out of the design thinking workshop and also created a high-level journey illustrating how key components of those concepts could be experienced by a particular persona.

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